Who We Are

Tri Surrey, the start

A GB Masters Swimmer, an ex-Tour de France Stage winner and a former Commonwealth runner would have been the ideal scenario for setting up a new Triathlon Club … however … a tubby civil servant, a Headmaster and an ageing Chandler Bing went through a mid-life crisis. They couldn’t afford sports cars or motorbikes but were able to scrape enough money together for a chopper, some lycra and a flowery swim cap.

Tri Surrey was born!

The founding members of ‘Tri Surrey’ are Matt Hutchings, Jonathan Wilden and Ken Kennison III. Living in the Surrey Hills they knew that if they gave people the opportunity, many would jump at the chance to get involved and become triathletes, and so they have. Tri Surrey members bring a big dose of Pink and Blue and loud and enthusiastic supporters to events across the country, building the reputation of the club and giving more and more people of all abilities the opportunity to take part in events ranging from Super Sprint to Ironman. If you are keen to get involved and are looking for inspiration get in touch.