Welcome to Tri Surrey!

If Carlsberg made triathlon clubs, we’d still be better.

You only have to ask our members, whether a beginner preparing for their first triathlon, a training session attendee with no intention of ever completing a full tri, a multi-Ironman completor or a GB Age Group athlete, we are without a doubt the best tri club around. We don’t think you’ll find a more supportive, inspiring and generally fun bunch of people anywhere, and if you have any kind of tri-related goal, you want to be a part of this.

Tri before you buy

If you want to see if tri is for you, come along to one of our training sessions, meet some of our members and give it a go.  You are welcome to ‘tri before you buy’, but please note that this will be at your own risk – our Triathlon England liability insurance cannot cover you until you are a member, so we will need you to sign up for membership after two taster sessions.

Contact us if you’d like to come along!