New to Triathlon

Fancy doing your first Triathlon with Tri Surrey?

If you are looking to try out triathlon and want to race for the first time then Tri Surrey has got a lot to offer. Check out our race calendar for the events we are targeting as a club, choose one of these and there will be some friendly faces there to help you out. Join us now!

Even if you just want to dip your toe in the water, push a few pedals or go for a gentle jog we can help motivate and support you.

The following is available to support you.

– Training Plan workshops leading up to key events.
– Swim, Bike and Run training sessions in either Reigate, Redhill or Sanderstead.
– Training sessions designed to help improve technique and stamina.
– First race preparation, including transition practice – “where do I put what?”
– Coached pool swim sessions giving you stroke correction guidance.
– Open Water Swimming sessions giving you the confidence to survive without black lines on the bottom of a pool.
– Support from other members of varying levels of experience to motivate you.
– A number of experienced Tri Surrey members at recognised events to help guide you.

Race Tips

– Rehearse your transition (just in your head is better than nothing!)
– Pay attention to where your stuff is in transition. Look for fixed landmarks and plan your route
– Don’t take up too much space in transition
– Lay out your stuff in a sensible order, and as ready as possible (shoes loosened, socks on top, bike shoes if used are in front of running shoes etc)
– If it is a mass swim start, consider where you position yourself – if you are at all apprehensive at the thought of being swum over, start further back, let the scrum get going, and give yourself space. A tri is never won in the swim but it can be lost!
– Sight often in the swim, don’t trust that the feet in front of you are going the right way
– Helmet on before you touch your bike
– Cross the line before you mount your bike (and dismount your bike before you cross the line on the way back in)
– Pace yourself throughout the race
– Consider your nutrition needs – if you’re going further than a sprint you’ll need to take some calories on board
– Nothing new on race day!!!
– Invest in some elastic laces, you don’t want to waste precious seconds tying your shoes in transition
– If you’re wearing a tri suit, invest in a number belt
– If you don’t have a tri suit, attach your number to your top with safety pins (front and back if you can get 2 numbers) and put your top on in T1
– Very few people think they look good in a tri suit, but no one cares what you look like in yours, so do’t worry about it
– Smile for the camera, a double thumbs up or a wave also goes down well
– Thank the marshalls
– Relax, breathe and enjoy it, it is supposed to be fun