Jim “Old Bullet” McKellar

Introducing Jim “Old Bullet” McKellar, who is the first in our series of Tri Surrey Legends.

Jim recently thought that he was innocently going to a quiz night at the Old Reigations Rugby Club, but little did he know that he was being whisked away to the Reigate and Banstead Sports Awards ceremony instead where he was due to be awarded with the “Senior Citizens Sports Award” for 2016.

This award is richly deserved as Jim continues to prove that age is indeed just a number by competing in triathlons despite becoming an octogenarian in 2016. “Old Bullet” is a veteran of 120 marathons (including 20 London marathons in a row and even the gruelling (89km long) Comrades Marathon in South Africa!) and has raised huge sums of money for charity over the years. Even more impressive is that he only took up running when he was 51 – proving that it’s never too late in life to take up a new sport!

Even a serious collision with a car whilst out cycling a few years ago, which would have put most ‘normal’ people off, did not deter the “Old Bullet”. Jim proved that he is made of sterner stuff and after 18 months of rehab, he got back on the bike and starting competing in events again.

One of Jim’s triathlon highlights have been finishing 10th in the world and 3rd in Great Britain for his age group at the ITU Triathlon World Championship at Hyde Park in 2013.